VeTV: Your Ultimate Guide to Affordable TV and Internet Services in Mexico (2023)


Looking for cost-effective Internet and TV services in Mexico? VeTV stands out as one of the most renowned companies in the Mexican telecommunications sector. Offering TV content from Sky through a prepaid method, VeTV provides a budget-friendly alternative to Sky's television services. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into VeTV's packages, pricing, and additional services, helping you make an informed decision for your entertainment needs.

VeTV Packages and Pricing

VeTV and VeTV HD Packages

VeTV caters to diverse preferences with its packages, allowing subscribers to choose between VeTV and VeTV HD. The pricing is contingent on the number of devices one wishes to use for content consumption. Additionally, customers have the option to include Blue Telecomm's wireless internet service with 5GB or 10GB data.

Packages Number of Devices Extra Services Recharge Price ($)
VeTV 1–2 None 400
VeTV HD 2–3 None 450
VeTV + 5GB Internet 1 Blue Telecomm 5GB Internet 400
VeTV HD + 5GB Internet 2 Blue Telecomm 5GB Internet 450
VeTV + 10GB Internet 1 Blue Telecomm 10GB Internet 495
VeTV HD + 10GB Internet 2 Blue Telecomm 10GB Internet 545

VeTV Plus Packages

Similar to the basic VeTV packages, VeTV Plus allows subscribers to choose 1 or 2 devices along with the option to add a 5GB or 10GB internet package.

Packages Number of Devices Extra Services Recharge Price ($)
VeTV Plus 1–2 None 434
VeTV Plus 2–3 None 484
VeTV Plus + 5GB Internet 1 Blue Telecomm 5GB Internet 434
VeTV Plus + 5GB Internet 2 Blue Telecomm 5GB Internet 484
VeTV Plus + 10GB Internet 1 Blue Telecomm 10GB Internet 529
VeTV Plus + 10GB Internet 2 Blue Telecomm 10GB Internet 579

VeTV vs. VeTV Plus: Channel Comparison

The primary distinction between VeTV and VeTV Plus lies in the number of channels offered. While VeTV provides access to 65 channels, VeTV Plus enhances the viewing experience with over 78 channels, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a broader selection of video content.

Pricing Variation for VeTV Plus HD

It's essential to note that the pricing and conditions for VeTV Plus and VeTV Plus HD differ. The VeTV Plus HD option maintains the same pricing structure as the conventional option.

Packages Number of Devices Recharge Price ($)
VeTV Plus HD 1–3 309
VeTV Plus HD 2 409

Contacting VeTV Customer Support

VeTV ensures a seamless customer support experience through various communication channels:

Phone Support

  • For new customers: 55 4040 0202
  • For existing customers: 55 4040 6200
  • Leave a callback number through the website's Contact section.

Online Support

Contact VeTV online through:

  • Email: or
  • Online chat available on the official website.
  • Social media: Twitter and Facebook (Mon-Sat, 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM).
  • Sky App: Manage your account and perform tasks on the go.
  • Sky's online services for VeTV: An additional online customer support system.


What are the best VeTV packages?

The best VeTV package depends on your preferred internet tariff and the number of devices you have. Prices range from $224 to $579.

What is the price of VeTV Plus HD?

The VeTV Plus HD internet package price depends on the number of devices. For one device, the recharge cost is $309 for 30 days. For two devices, it is $409.


In conclusion, VeTV provides a diverse range of packages to suit varying preferences, offering affordable and flexible options for TV and internet services. By understanding the distinctions between VeTV and VeTV Plus, as well as the pricing details, you can make an informed decision. For any queries or assistance, VeTV's customer support is readily available through multiple communication channels, ensuring a seamless experience for both new and existing customers. Choose VeTV for cost-effective and reliable entertainment solutions in Mexico.

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