Exploring VeTV Packages and Prices: A Comprehensive Guide for 2022 (2023)

In the ever-evolving landscape of television services, VeTV, now known as Sky prepago, stands out as a prepaid offering by SKY. Operating on a recharge model, it provides flexibility with choices between standalone TV or bundled with Internet services.

VeTV Sky 2022 Packages and Prices

VeTV's prepaid packages boast up to 68 channels in HD and SD, spanning 14 or 30 days. Delving into the details:

Sky Prepago 30 Days

  • 1 Device: $249/month
  • 2 Devices: $349/month

Promotional Subscription Bonus: Subscribe for 1 month and receive an additional 14 days free. Opt for 2 months in advance, and the 3rd month is complimentary. Explore other VeTV discounts for added savings.

Note: VeTV no longer sells VeTV and VeTV Plus packages. Prices for 2022 are retained for existing customers.

VeTV Prices for 2022

  • VeTV
    • 1 Device: $249/month
    • 2 Devices: $349/month
  • VeTV Plus
    • 1 Device: $299/month
    • 2 Devices: $399/month

For a comprehensive channel list, connect with VeTV customer service or peruse the SKY channel offerings for each package.

VeTV Recharge Prices 2022

VeTV reintroduces the 14-day recharge option, subject to specific conditions based on the package:

Sky Prepago 14 Days

  • 1 Device: $139/month
  • 2 Devices: $204/month

VeTV Packages with Internet

Teaming up with Blue Telecomm, VeTV extends its offerings with Internet-inclusive packages. Prices for 2022 are as follows:

VeTV HD + Internet

  • 1 TV: $425/month
  • 2 TVs: $475/month

VeTV HD + Internet 10

  • 1 TV: $520/month
  • 2 TVs: $604/month

Note: VeTV Plus and VeTV packages are no longer available for new purchases. Existing subscribers can enjoy their plans with adjusted 2022 prices.

New VeTV Internet Prices 2022

  • VeTV 1 Device + Internet 5 Megas: $425
  • VeTV Plus 1 Device + Internet 5 Megas: $459
  • VeTV 2 Devices + Internet 5 Megas: $475
  • VeTV Plus 2 Devices + Internet 5 Megas: $509
  • VeTV 1 Device + Internet 10 Megas: $520
  • VeTV Plus 1 Device + Internet 10 Megas: $554
  • VeTV 2 Devices + Internet 10 Megas: $570
  • VeTV Plus 2 Devices + Internet 10 Megas: $604

VeTV Packages with Cell Phone

For those seeking a bundled approach, VeTV collaborates with Blue Telecomm Cel to provide TV and mobile packages:

VeTV HD + Basic Cell

  • Price: $374/month

VeTV HD Plus + Basic Cell

  • Price: $459/month

Additional Cost: Starting 2022, a $30 fee applies to all cellphone plans.

Triple Bundles: TV, Internet, and Cell with VeTV

Opt for an all-in-one solution with these triple packages:

VeTV HD + Internet 5 + Basic Cell

  • Price: $575/month

VeTV Plus HD + Internet 5 + Basic Cell

  • Price: $654/month

VeTV HD + Internet 10 + Basic Cell

  • Price: $670/month

VeTV Plus HD + Internet 10 + Basic Cell

  • Price: $749/month

Note: Prices are for Blue Telecomm Cel basic plans; explore other options for tailored solutions.

How to Subscribe to VeTV

The straightforward process involves either calling VeTV or utilizing the online form. In just 5 minutes, secure your VeTV package, whether standalone TV or bundled with Internet.

Requirements for VeTV Subscription

To finalize the VeTV contract, adhere to the following requisites:

  • Present a copy of valid identification (INE, driver's license, or passport).
  • Provide a recent proof of address (water, property tax, or electricity bill within the last three months).
  • Payment in cash or via credit/debit card.
  • Sign a promissory note as payment and equipment guarantee.

Post-contract signing, expect installation within 10 business days, with subscription charges commencing upon installation. No penalties for early termination, and if installation is unfeasible, the contract becomes void.

VeTV Subscription Costs

Avail yourself of two promotions for free VeTV subscriptions:

  1. Pay the first month in advance for free subscription on one or two TVs.
  2. 3x2 Promotion: Pay two months in advance, receive the third month free, and enjoy free subscription on one or two TVs.

Installation cost for VeTV starts at $831 pesos.

Frequently Asked Questions about VeTV

VeTV Package Options

VeTV offers a range of packages, including standalone TV, TV with Internet, and triple packages with TV, Internet, and cellphone. The economical VeTV HD package starts at $224 pesos and includes a TV with 66 channels.

VeTV Service Cost

The cost for VeTV service with a 5Mbps Internet speed and one TV is $400 pesos.

VeTV Plus HD Package Cost

For those seeking an enhanced experience, the VeTV Plus HD package, inclusive of a TV, is priced at $309 pesos per month.

Conclusion: This comprehensive guide provides intricate details about VeTV's diverse packages and pricing for 2022, ensuring you make an informed decision for your entertainment needs. Stay tuned for the latest updates and promotions from VeTV.

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